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About Us was first registered in October 1998.  We provide full-service Hosting to people wanting Web sites, either for their; business, personal, or hobby sites.  Our services having continually improved over the years and God willing, we will continue to improve our services even more.

Although we use the services of Data Centers located in the United States, our business office has always been situated in Calgary, Alberta.  For those living in Canada, services purchased through our Web site Forms have GST included.  Services purchased from within Calgary and the surrounding area are Invoiced and thus, are required to pay the GST.  And if you do not reside in Canada then GST is not a problem as it doesn't have to be paid by non-Canadians anyway.

In case you were wondering, here is a link that will open a new Browser window, showing the map location of Calgary.

Potent Products is a small business currently run by 2 people: Lina Da Silva and Rob Atkinson.  We like to enjoy life and this includes doing good business with people of like minds and providing good value for your money.  We are not looking to become a huge corporation, although, we will add more staff if/when required.

Our current policy to "Contract out" on situations we cannot handle ourselves.  This is the normal procedure for small businesses and works very well.  We also have the staff at our Network Operating Center who provide immediate "hands-on" Network assistance, if required.  Being as we are in Canada and our Servers are in California, this works out best for everyone.

We invite all who have any questions, to either send us an Email or use the handy Feedback form at the bottom of this page.  There is also the Forum where you can read the comments of other Visitors, or Register yourself and make a few of your own.

We can also be reached by phone, during the hours of 10 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time.  If you happen to catch us out, then please leave your name, phone number and a good time to get back to you.

Thank You

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2030 44 St. SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada  T2B 1J1

Telephone (403) 248-6214
 Available 24 hrs. 7 days/week

Please Note: If you have sent us an eMail and not received a reply, it could be because your eMail never made it.  We use the Spam Databases and all eMail is checked before delivery.  It's possible the IP address you used and for whatever reason, is listed in the Spam databases.  If that has happen to you then please use the Feedback Form.


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