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Navigating This Site

Information on using Accessibility keys and functions are being worked on.  Should be available later this month.

You will find that Navigating this site is pretty straight forward.


There are 4 main Directories:
Home - Resources - The Forum - Web Services

Near the top-right of each page there are image buttons for each of the 4 Directories, labeled for each one, and link to the first page of each Directory.  As you Mouse over or TAB through the buttons, you will notice the image changes — wording changes from "white" to "orange".  This helps you to know which Directory you will go to if you use that link.

To the left of these Directory buttons is a Search feature which works for this site only.  Enter (or type in) your Search words then press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.  The results of search will then be shown.

Directory Menu

This is directly under the Search feature.  You can tell which directory you are in by looking at the First word on the left, which will be enclosed within square brackets and is a different colour.  For example, you are currently in the [HOME] Directory.  Looking to the right of this, you see the Catagories available with the Directory.  Each Directory will have its own Catagories.

Main Page Content

Each directory has a main page.  This page describes what is available at the site and/or what can be found within that directory.  This "main page content" will always have something on the left-hand side of it.  It can vary from links to specific pages within that directory or information on Specials and other services available. 

Some pages will have a drop-down Menu, at or near the top of the page.  Click the down arrow on the right-hand side, and a list of choices will drop-down.  Make your selection by clicking one of the choices and that page will automatically load.  If the page does not load automatically then you either have JavaScript turned off of your Browser type does not support it.  In that case, look for a "Go" button  and click that.

Footer Links on every page

These are located at the bottom of each page and along with the Copyright notice, will also include links for; Go Back a Page, Page Top, Contact, Privacy Policy, Support, and TOS

Faster Browsing - Using The Mouse/Keyboard

These shortcuts will work in most Browsers, but not all.  You will have to experiment to see what works with yours.

Special Note: when using the Access Keys within IE (any version or Browsers/Readers based on IE) you must press the "Enter" key after selecting an Access Key.

To Scroll Down A Page Use

  • the space bar
  • Page Down key
  • the down arrow key - for a few lines at a time

To Scroll Up A Page Use

  • the space bar while holding down the Shift key (IE type Browsers only)
  • Page Up key
  • the up arrow key - for a few lines at a time

To Go Forward One Page

  • right-click anywhere on the page with the mouse and choose Forward/Next
  • hold down the ALT key and press the Right Arrow key
    *Note: This works on Browser memory.  It will not take you to a page, you have not yet been to.

To Go Back One Page

  • Access Key is: ALT+8
  • right-click anywhere on the page with the mouse and choose Back/Previous
  • hold down the ALT key and then press the Left Arrow key

To Get To The Very Bottom or Top Of A Page

  • Access Key is: ALT+9 for Top of page
  • hold down the the CTRL key and press the End or Home key

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