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Resources Available

Freeware, Tutorials, Web Site Tools, more...

All Resources are freely available.
Pre-checked for your convenience, although your mileage may vary.

Out With The Old

Get rid of useless programs.Too often, we keep old programs that are no longer useful or sometimes, never worked right in the first place.

Presented for your approval are programs & tools that have proven to help.

Something For Nothing

We all know there is no such thing. There is always a price to pay and it may not be in money.

Usually, we end up paying with something that is more valuable than money, our time — and that, can never be recovered.

Frustration Is
Programs That...

don't work with the OS

screw up the computer

don't do as advertised

should never have
been made available

Frustration Is
Scripts That...

leave very large security holes

don't work and never will

have no documentation

Relief Is...

Having all the above
checked before-hand!

Potent Products Approved.


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Spamming not allowed.

Any Hosting account proven to be Spamming will:

- be immediately cancelled
- have all files removed
- forfeit all pre-payments