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Freeware Web Site Tools

Although there is no guarantee that these Tools will work in every Browser, they do work in most.  If you have problems using them in your Browser, please let us know and include; OS & Browser type, what happened exactly, and any other information you feel is relevent.

Some of these Web Site Tools do require the use of JavaScript.  If you are having problems make sure to confirm that JavaScript is turned on and available, for your Browser to use.

All Tools have Instructions included or are self explanatory.  Most are even Accessibility Friendly.  Every effort has been made to make the Tools workable in as many OSs and Browsers as possible.  It's advisable though, to use a Browser version that is 5.x or higher.

More will be added once they have been verified, worthy of putting up.  The hardest part is finding the good ones.  If you happen to find some good ones available, would you let us know about them?



Freeware Site Tools

All Tools have been updated & improved!  Newer code, Standards compliment, and Accessibility friendly.

 Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 MST