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First: choose how you would like the page to be loaded.  Default settings is "Load selected page immediately" or choose one of the other two settings.

Second: input the text to show in the DropDown Menu, in the "Text Shown" column.  Then enter the URL of where the link takes them, in the "Link URL" column.

Third: click the "Generate" button so your code can be created, then the "Show Me" button, to see what your JavaScript DropDown Menu will look like. 

Note: The new Window which opens after you click the "Show Me" button, is not the size of the window your visitors will see.  It has been set to a small size as it is only to verify, the JS code does work and the URLs are valid.  When you use this code in your own Web page, there will not be a pop-up window.


Text Shown

Whatever you typed in the "Text Shown" column, is exactly what will be shown.  This includes spaces and/or special characters as shown on your keyboard.  The "Link URL" is, of course, the URL or Web address you want someone to go to, once they make their selection.  Make sure the URL is in the correct format and is valid. (i.e., doesn't take someone to a 404 page.)


Link URL

The first three URL's have been started with the http:// as the assumption is, you are creating links to others sites.  If you are creating links for your own site, then you can delete the http:// as the links are probably relative.  If you are not sure what that means, then use a full URL for all your links.  It's usually best, to make sure the links are valid before putting the code on your own Web pages.  This is why a "test page" is created here, so you can check to make sure everything is working properly.


Generated Code

Once you have things the way you want, simply copy everything within the box "Your Source Code" and paste into your HTML page.  You will notice where it says: <option value="">Your Choices</option> and you can change the text, "Your Choices" to whatever you want.

When copying your source code using Internet Explorer, some versions will show a small box inbetween some words.  Might happen in some other Browsers as well.  This is a function of the Browser itself and nothing anybody can do about it.  Don't worry though, as it will not affect you code at all.  It is a substitute character for a space and if it bothers you, just delete it and use the space bar to put in a space.

Please remember that if using a graphic for the button, choose a graphic on "your own site" and not from someone else's site.  Linking to a graphic on someone else's site (without their permission) is known as Bandwidth Stealing.  A definite NO NO!


Freeware Site Tools

All Tools have been updated & improved!  Newer code, Standards compliment, and Accessibility friendly.

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