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JS Quickie Shopping Cart

Please Note: This is just an example and the Submit button does not send.  You can use it though, to see how this JavaScript code uses Form Verification—a must for any type of Form.  Change it to the way you want, after you download it.

Shipping & Billing Information






Although the Author of the original script is unknown, it has been much improved over time.  It works with any Browser using JavaScript, but is not understood by Validators—due to the way the HTML is created by JavaScript and parsed by a Validator.

This script is mostly for people with "Intermediate or Advanced" knowledge of JavaScript.  For this reason, and others, you are pretty much on your own if you want to use it.  The idea is save you from having to start from scratch.  If you want to download and use it for yourself or "play with it", then be my guest.  That's how most of us learn programming anyway! Wink, wink.

You are Welcome to view & download the code (saving it as a HTML file) and customize it for your own needs.  Most of the preliminary work; including valid code for JavaScript, HTML 4.01 output, CSS, and most Accessability Level 3 Standards, has already been done.  This will allow you to focus on adding your own personalization.

Strongly Recommended

Do not use this script with a "mailto" tag!  For security purposes and otherwise, this type of script should always be used with a Server-side script for any type of order processing.


Special Thanks
Hats off to Steven Bentley and Raymond Pereira.  Both were a big help in solving a natural "JavaScript Bug" in the rounding of certain numbers.


Freeware Site Tools

All Tools have been updated & improved!  Newer code, Standards compliment, and Accessibility friendly.

 Friday, December 1st, 2023 MST