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Domain Name Lookup


Curious to see, if the Domain Name you want is still available?  Best way is to check the source!  That means checking directly and according to the TLD (Top Level Domain) you want to use, to see if it is available.  Do not rely on entering a URL in your Browser and waiting for the "Not Found" message.  It's always possible that the name is on a hold status, or currently being registered.  If it's available, it will show up using this Domain Name, search Wizard.

To search for a Domain Name, type it into the text area shown above, then choose the type of TLD or extension, that you want. The .com extension, is the most popular and most Domain Names with that extension, are already gone.  But hey, you never know if you don't check.  Right?

After choosing your preferred extension, click the "Do the search" button and let's see what happens!


Domain Names must contain alpha-numeric characters.  This includes any letters of the Alphabet and/or numbers.  Domain Names are not case-sensitive. It doesn't matter, if the letters are Capitalized or not.  Blank spaces and special characters (such as the "&" or "<" or "_") are not allowed.  A dash "-" is allowed, but not preferred—too confusing for most people to remember.  Your Domain Name can be 65 characters maximum. This includes the TLD or extension characters, and the dot before them or elsewhere included . 

If your result comes up as no match—the Domain Name may still be available, but you better hurry and register it.  It could be gone the next time you check!

And if it seems like the search is taking a lonnggg time, that would be from, the Whois Database you are trying to reach, is extremely busy.  Please be patient.


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