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Tutorials for Windows

These Tutorials have been tested in various versions of Windows and are marked accordingly.  Although no testing has been done in other versions of Windows, feel free to try them.  They will either "work or not work" and will not hurt anything.

Most will work in Windows ME and some will work in Windows 2000 and XP.

No guarantees.
Use at your own discretion.

   Windows 9x
(Any version of Windows that starts with a 9.)

Desktop Shortcuts
Put some Shortcuts on your Desktop that are actually useful!  You will also learn, how to change the Icons and where to get more selection.  Everything you need is already on your hard drive!

ERU - Emergency Recover Utility
Take control and never have to worry if that program you just installed, screws up your system.  Tutorial includes easy instructions and program download.  This is a Microsoft program designed for Windows and now you too, can learn how to use it!

   Windows 98x
(All versions of Windows starting with 98.)

ScanReg - Crash Recovery Tool
This Tutorial explains how to use, one of the "built-in tools" that comes with Windows 98.  Learn how to "save the day" when you think your system has been trashed.

   Windows 95x OSR2

For now, please use what's available for Windows 9x.

   Windows 95x Original

Not having been able to test a lot of the above on this particular version, you can try almost anything listed above.  As mentioned at the top of this page, either it will "work or not work" and should not hurt your system in any way, if it doesn't.


Tutorials Available

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Windows 9x

Windows 98x