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cPanel Updates: v11 in use
Posted: 2007 August 09

Recently, a regular update of cPanel forced one of Servers into a Major Upgrade instead. cPanel seems bent on forcing people into upgrading to the v11 of cPanel, whether they are ready or not. A lot of prep work is required and this took some time to sort and get v11 working properly. All has been done and now we are testing cPanel 11 for release to Clients.

Although Bluelagoon is still mostly used, some features of v11 are available within it. All features will be available once the switch to X3, the new cPanel 11 Theme, has been done. In the meantime, a handy feature that was not previously available but is now is the ability to switch Languages. For those that prefer other than English, the following Languages are available in all Themes.

Chinese - Bengali - French - German - English-utf8 - Spanish

Please note: we have no idea if the translation are correct, they are provided by cPanel and that's what is used.

More updates will posted as they become available. Estimate that sometime in September, the new cPanel 11 Theme will be available to Clients on specific Servers. It may turn out that all Servers will offer it at that time, depending upon the timeframe for the prep work the needs to be done for each Server.

PHP 5 and New Tutorials
Posted: 2007 July 17

This will be a busy week at Potent Products with some updates already in place and more to come.

Flash Tutorials for cPanel are now available along with a new Tutorial for Password Phrasing. With PHP 4 now nearing its EOL (End of Life) we have one more Server to update to PHP 5. 


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