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Control Panel Features

Here are a few of the features, included with every account.
CGI ScriptsFile Mgr.mySQL Database
Change PasswordFTP Mgr.Protect Directories
Chat ScriptMail Mgr.Site Statistics
Error Pages Mgr.Mime TypesSub-Domain Mgr.
MS FrontPage Extensions ( all versions ) also included.

 CGI Scripts
Includes 9 different scripts that can be installed with the click of button, and customized to your preference.
Banner Rotator : Clock : Counter : Countdown : FormMail 1 :FormMail 2 : Guest Book : Random HTML : Site Search
Change Account Password. Change Password
Allows you to change the Password for accessing your account.  If you change your Password and then forget it (and who hasn't done that <grin>), we can fix it to you.  No problem!
Chat Room. Chat Room
No need to hunt for one any longer.  Two are included.  One is PHP and one is Java.  They are not fancy, complicated or hard to setup.  They both install with a Mouse click and you can make them public or private—your choice.
Error Pages Mgr. Error Pages Mgr.
Custom Error Pages are the "in thing" nowadays.  You get step-by-step instructions on creating ones that match your site.  All the professionals sites have them—why not yours?
File Manager. File Manager
This is a handy (and powerful) feature.  Especially useful for people that are not familiar with an FTP program.  You can upload, download, create, delete, and move files, almost the same way as on own your Computer.  Also allows you to edit the HTML in any of your files.  No matter where you are, if you have access to the Internet, you will always have access to your files, and be able to do—what needs to be done.
FTP Mgr. FTP Mgr.
This is also a handy "on the road" feature, as it allows you to upload/download files—big or small—from wherever you are.  All you need is access to your Control Panel—no FTP program required.  This makes your Web site an excellent place to store backup files or for those large in-between file transfers. (i.e. from work to home or vica-versa)
Mail Mgr. Mail Mgr.
Not only do you have the ability to create/delete Email addresses whenever you want, you can also setup your own Auto-Responders, Mailing Lists, Forwarders and Email blocking!  Even though Email blocking can be useful, one has to use care.  You could end up blocking people, you do want Email from.
MIME Types. MIME Types  (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
Although not used much (and mostly by experienced people) it is a handy feature to have.  Just as on your computer, if you click on a text file—a text program opens. If you click on a graphic—a graphic program opens.  So it is with the MIME Types function.  In this case though, it is for your Hosting account only and tells the Server Server what to do with a specific file type.
mySQL Database. mySQL Database(s)
The most popular Database on the Internet.  You can add/edit/delete; tables, fields, values, and run queries on your database.  All Databases work pretty much the same and mySQL is the easiest of them all.  If you already know how-to use a Database program, then you are half-way to using mySQL.
Protect Directories. Protect Directories
You've probably heard about the .htaccess file and how it is used to create an "ID / PW" required for enter into a Restricted area.  With this feature you can forget about learning some Tutorial or trying to figure it out on your own.  So easy... it almost creates itself!
Site Statistics. Site Statistics
All accounts come with two programs for site statistics: Analog & Webalizer.  This gives you a choice not normally found with other Hosting companies.
Sub-Domain Mgr. Sub-Domain Mgr.
Another "in thing" today is having your own Sub-Domains.  These are based on your Domain Name and use the same resources as your main account.  No need to ask or have someone else set them up for you.  Your Control Panel allows you to create/delete them, whenever you choose!  Once created, they are instantly available for use.

Many other features are also available.  Too many to list all of them here (there are 37 in total) and we don't want to confuse you.  Once your account is setup, you will be able to get some "hands on" experience.  The learning is in the doing, as they say. Wink.



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