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Reseller Benefits


A Reseller Hosting account is a great way to bring in some extra income or provide a value-added service to your existing Clients.  Also a great way to provide your Family and Friends, who are perhaps not as familiar with running a Web site as you are, with an easy way to setup their very own Web site.

Reseller Hosting accounts should never be treated as a "get rich quick" scheme.  Providing any type of service to others requires knowledge, skill and patience.  Although we at Potent Products will do our best to help each Reseller with their questions & problems, the majority of the work must be done by the Reseller themselves.

If you are new to having a Reseller Hosting account then go slow and read all you can.  Documentation for the Control Panels (WHM and Cpanel) are provided and our Support area includes helpful information as well.

If you are an old-hand at having a Reseller account or using WHM/Cpanel, then it should not take you long to get up and running with the services you want to provide.

Either way, having a Reseller Hosting account can be a very rewarding experience.

Important Legalities

All of the following "benefits" as listed on this page are part & parcel of each Reseller package and provided through Potent Products.  These "benefits" can only be provided once the Reseller Hosting Account is successfully setup and maintained in good standing with Potent Products.  In other words; if an active Reseller Hosting Account with Potent Products is not kept in good standing, is not properly maintained, is cancelled or terminated, none of the following benefits will be provided because there will not be a Reseller Hosting Account to provide them through.

Exception: eNom $8.95 Reseller Domain name Account

It is our intention to provide the best Hosting services we can and to provide you, our Client & Reseller, with good enough services to keep you hosting with us.  We also realize that people switch Hosters for different reasons.  If, after 90 days from successful setup of your Reseller Hosting Account, you wish to transfer your Hosting account(s) to someone else and providing the Reseller Hosting Account is in good standing, the eNom Reseller Domain name Account is still yours—no buyout price, no transfer fee, no strings attached.

If the Reseller Hosting Account is not in good standing, has been cancelled or terminated during the first 90 days, the eNom Reseller Domain name Account provided through Potent Products will be cancelled/terminated as well.

Personalized Nameservers

Each Reseller Hosting account comes with 2 IP addresses.  These will be for your very own Nameservers which will be used for your own Domain name and Domain names of your Clients.

There is the opportunity, upon setup of your Reseller account, to get an additional IP address for FREE!  This only applies if you have immediate use for one.  A perfect example is one of your Clients uses an SSL Certificate, which always requires a Dedicated IP.  Additional IPs can be purchased at anytime. There is a one-time cost of $20.00 USD for two, as they must be purchased in mulitiples of two.

By providing you, the Reseller, with your own Nameservers, Potent Products remains in the background.  A resourceful and persistent person can always find out who is actually hosting a Web site, but for the majority of cases, people doing a WHOIS lookup will see "your Nameservers" and be satisfied with that.

eNom $8.95 Reseller Account

This feature was added Aug. 2003 and is still somewhat experimental.  You can get your own eNom $8.95 Reseller account directly from eNom, if you choose to.  They will ask for $495.00 USD upfront, as a setup fee, and provide you with 55 Domain name credits. After the 55 credits have been used you can add money to your account; minimum is $100.00 and all funds are USD.

We provide this Reseller account to you at no extra charge for the setup.  You will still need to add money to your account for registering Domain names.  Different types of TLD's (Top Level Domain) have different pricing.  The pricing for each type of TLD will be shown in your eNom Reseller Control Panel.  Using the chart will help you to set your own Retail pricing.

After your Reseller Hosting Account is setup, your eNom Reseller account will be setup.  You will then be given the access information for the account and away you go.  You can setup your WHOIS information, transfer your Domain name and register your Nameservers.  Normal propagation of 24 - 48 hrs. will apply.

You Need to Know

  • you must be of Legal age
  • even though it is an eNom Reseller Account, it is provided through and you must follow our TOS, just as you do for your Reseller Hosting Account
  • before you can use your Nameservers you must first Transfer your Domain name to your eNom Reseller account.  There will be a charge of $8.95 for this and will also extend your Renewal date by one year.
  • you can use eNom themselves for accepting payment, using their Registry Rocket service, and will pay a surcharge of; 3% of your selling price + .95¢
    example using $11.95 as your Retail price for a .com Domain:
    $11.95 x 3% = .36¢ + .95¢ = $1.31
    $8.95 (your cost) + $1.31 (surcharge) = $10.62
    $11.95 - $10.62 = $1.33 profit.
    As you can see, this will not make you a lot of money unless you increase your Retail price and/or Register lots 'n lots of Domain names every month.

You do not have to use eNom for accepting payments and can use your own methods instead.  It is simply an added feature of the eNom Reseller account.  You might take a tip from us and include the Domain name as a "value added" service for your own Hosting Clients.

You do have the option, after the Domain name has been setup, of allowing your Clients access to their own eNom account, if you prefer to do it that way.

Control Panel WHM/Cpanel

Love it or hate it, Cpanel is a very popular Control Panel and for good reason; Clients find it very easy to use!  And in order to use Cpanel, you, as the Reseller, must use WHM (Web Hosting Manager).

If you are already familiar with Cpanel then WHM will not be a lot different; just more responsibility for you.  Newcomers to WHM will find that things are laid out pretty good and "as long as you go slow" should not have too many problems.  Documentation is available, but one of our pet peeves is that it is always behind the current version.  It is our hope this will be corrected and in the meantime, Support is available for any questions you may have.

Note: If you do not have Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM) installed on your computer, it is an excellent idea to install it.  Provided you have a Microphone & Speakers, we can use the voice feature of YIM and "walk you through" some of the more complicated steps.  A great way of helping you to understand things better.

We always like to be using the most current version provided, but there are times when newer version have some problems.  So usually we wait until any bugs have been worked out before doing an upgrade.  As a Hosting Reseller you will not have any control or responsibility for upgrades; that is left to us.  If there are times when problems occur after an upgrade, which is not unexpected and has happened before, we get right on it and continue working on it until things are fixed.

This is why upgrades are usually done in the wee hours of the morning.  If there is a problem it can usually be fixed before things get busy.  We are aware that people are in different Time Zones, but have to schedule these updates according to when the time is best for the majority.


As a Hosting Reseller, you are provided with "X" amount of Web space on a hard drive and "X" amount of Data Transfer per month, depending upon the Reseller Hosting package you have chosen.  How you choose to slice them up for your own Hosting packages is up to you.  As we do not offer "unlimited" anything, neither can you—that is, whenever it applies to the physical services available on a Server.

Although you may have seen other Hosting packages offering "unlimited" Web space, Data Transfer or other services provided on a Server, they are all false & untrue.  Used mostly as an Advertising gimmick, many people have found—to their dismay—they run into all kinds of problems using any type of "unlimited" hosting account.

Use your favourite Search Engine with a keyword of "unlimited" and you will see, not only the fallacy of these type accounts, but also the horror stories of people that fell for them.  If there is an Hosting company that can provide "unlimited" Web space, then why can we not buy such a hard drive for our personal computers?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in this matter and the above is ours.  Any Reseller using our Services and offering "unlimited" services of any kind, is grounds for Termination of their account.  The only exception is the Support our Resellers choose to offer their Clients. Wink.

Not Provided

Shared SSL Certificate

At this time, we can provide for using a Dedicated SSL Certificate, but not a Shared one.  As an SSL Certificate can only be registered to one Domain name, we feel it is very un-professional to offer one that shows someone else's Domain name; which is what happens when using a Shared SSL.  If you, as a Reseller, have a Client that needs or wants an SSL Certificate, you can provide them with a Dedicated IP address (mandatory) and install their Certificate for them.  Support is available, if you run into any problems.


This service is not provided as we have found it creates more problems than solutions.  The majority of people are not familiar with this type of access and can seriously damage a working Server.  There is also the security aspect to consider as well.  The door is not completely closed though, as we have allowed SSH access for Clients in the past, that have been with us for awhile and have established a good working relationship.  A lot of trust is involved with this type of access and once that trust is established, SSH can become available.

Extra's Available

IP addresses

Although 2 are provided with each Reseller Hosting account, you can purchase more at any time.  The cost is US $10.00 ea. in multiplies of 2 and a one-time payment.  They are usually available within 24 hrs. after payment being received.

Data Transfer

$2.00 per GB if pre-purchased, two at a time.  This is a monthly payment that is seperate from your regular Reseller payments.

$3.00 per GB if monthly allotment exceeded with all overages being rounded up to the next GB.  This is a one-time charge for each month you exceed your alloted Data Transfer.

Web Space (not applicalble with Specials)

Extra Web space can only purchased by upgrading your account.

Best solution for getting more Resources is to upgrade your Reseller account to the next level.


Feature Details


Startup Special

Startup Hosting Package: 100MB Web Space, 2 GB Data Transfer, lots more.

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