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Server Related Features

The following features are Server-wide and affect all accounts.
PHP safe_mode     Spam databases

If you are thinking of Hosting with us or already do so, you should be aware of these Server-wide features as they may affect your Hosting account in ways you are not familiar with.  We have found these features to work very well and some can be customized or changed, for individual accounts.

PHP safe_mode

For various security reasons, this feature is turned on for all accounts.  It provides protection not only the Server itself, but also individual accounts using PHP scripts.  The majority of PHP scripts do not need safe_mode turned "OFF" and will work just fine.  Older PHP scripts or ones that are highly configurable do require it though, and in those cases, error msgs. will show and state specifically, "safe_mode restriction in effect" or something related to "safe_mode".  A request to Support with an explaination can usually get safe_mode turned "OFF" and allow the script to work.

This is only one, of the script security measures we take and provides some protection for those unfamiliar with the security aspects of PHP.  Others have been known to take advantage of security flaws within certain scripts.  As each account owner is responsible for the results of using any script, these security measures provide some protection.  In no way does it relieve any account owner from the results of using a script and someone else using a security flaw to cause problems; either to the account in question or any other areas of the Server.

At this time we are not using "phpsuexec" which applies to more advanced users of PHP scripts.

Spam Databases

At, we are proud to guarantee for each account, the IP addresses we provide are not listed in the Spam databases!  Each "Welcome" eMail we provide, to new account owners, includes this URL: and allows individuals to verify this fact on their own. 

We use a combination of Spam databases as well, to automatically check each eMail that is sent to a Domain hosted on our Servers.  If the IP address used to send the eMail is listed in the databases we use, it is rejected by the Server — it will not reach the intended account.  Although eMail addresses can be forged, they must orignate from somewhere and therefore, must also use an IP address.  It is the IP address that is important, not the eMail address itself.

This can cause a problem though, since some ISPs are providing IP addresses listed in the Spam databases.  Not unexpected actually, as ISPs have a large problem with their own Clients sending Spam.  Sometimes it is the fault of the ISP, either lax in their own Spam diligence or for having open relays.  In these situations we can take the proper steps to "whitelist" the account and prevent any problems with sending or receiving eMail, when using their ISP assigned IP address.

 Monday, December 5th, 2022 MST