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Web Site Maintenance

Every site needs to be maintained with your most current information; pricing, new products, update company info, etc.  The question remains as to "who" is going to do the updating?
If you choose to use our Maintenance Services, we will provide you with the following services, once each month:

   Updating of Web Pages
  • Any 3 HTML pages on your site
  • 500 words each page
  • 3 graphics each page - gif/jpg
    (you supply words & graphics)
Only $30.00 USD per Month
Extra's: If you want more than the above it's $10.00 ea. for;
  • each set of 500 words
  • each individual graphic

Example: One month you need a 4th page done.  The page requires 350 words and two images changed.

$10 for the words + (2 images at $10 ea.) $20 for the graphics
  = $30.00 extra for that month.


You cannot carry-over what has not been used in previous months.  The good news is, supplying graphics in "gif" or "jpg" format (which you must do), means they will be made suitable for your Web page—at no extra charge.

Pricing can change at anytime.

Payments are in advance and non-refundable.

This Service is only available to current Hosting Clients of Potent Products.  If you still have any questions, please feel free contact us for answers.


Web Services

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